mythical creatures of the forest interactive adventure book adam oakley

Meet The Author

mythical creatures of the forest interactive adventure book author adam oakley

Adam Oakley is an author from England, who has spent many a year crafting "Mythical Creatures Of The Forest" into what it has become today.

The seed for his writing career was planted in 2012 when he started a blog on his website, Sharing his own experience in finding deeper inner peace, and helping others to do the same later grew into a number of books on the topic. Non-fiction later turned to short stories, then to short novels, and eventually Mythical Creatures Of The Forest.

Adam is often inspired by the power and intelligence of nature, and enjoys seeing it at work everywhere he goes. He enjoys growing organic food, training martial arts, spending time with his family and of course, writing.

He has written many books, often in different genres, but all sharing the common theme of realising the power within, and reconnecting to who you truly are.

He has found that every mythical creature of the forest has something to teach us, whether it is a dangerous creature or a safe one. There can be polite creatures, rude creatures, shy creatures, aggressive creatures, protective creatures, evil creatures – and they all have something to show you about how to live as wisely as you can.

He hopes you enjoy the adventure, and that you get huge enjoyment from the book.

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